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Rules & Process

Please Note: Not everyone that contacts me will have the opportunity to serve me. I am VERY picky as I ONLY want those whom will offer complete sincere submission. Below you will find my process and rules to be considered to serve me. Before you proceed, make sure you have read my entire website and understand me and the type of service I allow from boys.


These rules are set in stone. Absolutely NO negotiation.


* You will be respectful to me AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!


* ONLY contact me if you identify as a slave or submissive. Not interested in switches or fetishists. If you are not fully submissive, need not apply.

* NO SEX! I am NOT an escort or prostitute. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT HAVE SEX WITH ME! Your dick will go NO WHERE near my mouth or vagina. If you ask, you will be banned from ever contacting me and put on my “ScumBucket List”. 

* No drinking or drug use is allowed. Even prior to you serving.

* You MUST be able to fully communicate with me. I am not a mind reader. By communicating, you are setting the tone for a wonderful experience.

* DO NOT contact me if you want a romantic relationship with me…NOT INTERESTED!!!

* You must above all be a gentleman or Lady


The timeline you should follow.


* Read my entire site. Look thru my social media accounts. Make sure you know if I am the Domme you truly want to serve.

* Be sure this is something that you want to embark on. Even if this isn't  your first time.

* Completely and honestly fill out the application to serve. Click here

* Patiently wait for me to respond to you. It may take UP TO 72 hrs for me to get back to you. While I go over your application and verify you

* When I reach out to you thru email, we will set up a time to have a more in-depth conversation. 


* After we discuss you serving me, & agree on a date and time, a $100 deposit is made to hold the desired date & time. At the time of deposit, you will be given further instructions & the address to the location you will be serving me.

***If you did not fill out the application completely and honestly you WILL NOT hear back from me***

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