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About Me

Who is the Masked Mistress, Mistress Unknown????? 


A 6’ tall unapologetically Black, Black American Melaninated Queen who you will address as Goddess. 

I am the woman that when you stand next to, you unconsciously cower, intimidated yet numb w/ adoration & curiosity. I am a Female Supremacist who feel that ALL women are superior to men, & most importantly, a Black Female Supremacist who believes that the multifarious nature of black woman pushes us to the apex of beauty, gives us internal strength & cultivates our unmatched resilience.  


I strongly believe that ALL men were created & born to serve, protect & adore ALL woman. You men are mere toys & playthings for me to pick up off the shelf and play w/ you when I want, how I want, until I’m done with you. Me using you for my selfish motives is what drives me, it excites me & it gives me a high that is addictive.

By you wanting to serve me, you need to understand that you are entering MY world where MY ideology, rhetoric & views are law! You must share similar sentiments as I do, in addition to wanting to learn more about them. Though I am fun-loving, flirty and love to smile and enjoy life, I am very strict & stern. I like things MY way & expect things to be done MY way. Otherwise, you serve no purpose, & you should go kick rocks.


I have been very ACTIVE in the alternative lifestyle since 2000. Though I've been in the lifestyle for some time and possess a high dedication and experience level, I am also a consummate student. I am constantly learning and evolving to become better mentally & skillfully.


Your number one goal in life is to make sure I am completely satisfied by doing ANYTHING to please me. You MUST approach me with complete respect and the utmost submission & obedience.​

Mistress Unknown

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