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Do You Have Questions???

What is your style of play?

My style is sensual since I am flirty by nature. I am also very stern & strict. When I say to do something, I expect it to get done.


What are your privacy measures?

My motto is "we like what we like, but we don't want everyone to know what we like." Privacy and discretion is my top priority, then safety. My boys range from being married to those in prominent positions and do not want anyone to know what they are into. You don't have to worry about me disclosing anything that goes on in your time with me. Your secret is safe with me!


I am new to this, do you work with subs/slaves new to BDSM?

Yes. I love newbies and you gotta start somewhere.


What do you expect from those that serve you?

You are expected to be sincere, open and honest. You are also expected to put your wants and needs secondary to mine.


Do you allow same day servitude?

Same day servitude is based on availability. Tribute for same day servitude is more & paid in advance. Otherwise, opportunity to serve is in advance by appointment only. 


Do you take pictures or video during serving?

Privacy is a high priority for me. Therefore, all my pictures are taken with my lifestyle subs/slaves or video boys. However, If you want your time to be recorded, that can be arranged.


Do you work with other Dommes/Doms or Subs/Slaves?

Yes. I have great relationships with other Dommes/Doms to set up double Dominant servitude. However, you must serve me first before introducing other Dominants into the space.


Can I request an outfit/wardrobe or toy during serving?

If you request anything I do not have, you must gift it before serving.


Do you see couples?

Yes. If you are a couple and want to be dominated or want education or therapy, I must speak to both parties at the same time to arrange.


Where are you located & Do you travel?

I am based in the NYC/LI. You can serve me in:

  • Fully equipped private studio in Queens/Long Island border (Temporarily Unavailable til Feb 2024).

  • Fully equipped private commercial Dungeon in Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn


Travel is my addiction. I travel a minimum of 5 times a year internationally and multiple times a year domestically. This means that there is a chance for you to be in my presence. If you would like to serve me in person but live outside the NYC area, you can come to me or I will come to you at your expense.


Do you show your face during serving?


Do you offer payment plan for a Goddess Experience?

Yes. I offer the Tribute Payment Plan. Sometimes paying a large lump sum for tribute can be a lot. With the Tribute Payment Plan, you will be required to pay a deposit and make payments towards your experience. To learn more, check the payment plan box on application and we can discuss in detail.

What is your passion?

SPORTS! I studied it, live it, enjoy it and it is the quickest way to my heart. Want to make a good impression? Get me tickets to the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, NASCAR Race, Final Four, Olympics, etc.

What is one thing about you that subs/slaves should know?

I am a fun & easy-going person. Little things make me happy but I’m not easily impressed. Once you get to know me you will be drawn to my personality.


What are your limits Mistress?

  • No bloodsports or knife play

  • No switching

  • No sex with me

  • No minors

  • No beastiality

  • Blackmail

  • Anything that will risk YOUR health or life

  • Death


If I did not answer a question you may have, please include it in your application or email me

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