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Social Media Etiquette



My social media Accounts are another way for you to get an idea of who exactly is Mistress Unknown. There, you have the ability to engage with me and enjoy a peek at my world. All my social media accounts are FREE, except for my private Uncut & Raw Telegram Channel. Since my accounts are free, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for the bull shit. So below are my Rules Of Engagement on social media & a breakdown of my social accounts. 


These are some rules & etiquette that MUST be followed, in order for you to continue to enjoy what I present on them.


If you fail to abide by my rules, then you will automatically be removed AND blocked on ALL platforms. 


  1. Respect me at ALL times! You don’t have to agree with everything I say or show, but you will respect me.  

  2. You WILL NOT call me baby, sexy, hun, baby girl, etc. YOU WILL address me as Goddess when you engage in chat with me. 

  3. DO NOT ask me to have sex with you, & DO NOT offer me money to have sex with you. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!!

  4. Don’t be shy, you can approach me and engage me in chat, just remember rule #1.

  5. If you are a troll, and I see and sense you are a troll, you will be BLOCKED

  6. Absolutely DO NOT send me unsolicited dick pics.

  7. Do not ask me to be your Mistress, ESPECIALLY if you know NOTHING about me. All inquiries to serve me are thru

  8. On Snapchat, DO NOT screenshot ANY of my snaps without my permission. You will be blocked immediately.

  9. To keep me in good mood when engaging with me on social media, it would be beneficial for YOU to have done your due diligence on me. Knowing exactly who you are talking to.

DON'T BE SCAMMED!!!! Below are my OFFICIAL social media accounts. If it is not listed below, then it is a catfish/impersonator. I WILL NOT message you asking for money. And you are a dumbass for giving someone that is not me money. 

Twitter/ X: Public 



This platform I tend to use for a variety of purposes. I share a lot of my thoughts & views. I tend to follow more pro female, pro black & sports accounts. I love commenting on the trending topics & I definitely share my pics & vids. This account is a jambalaya of all things Mistress Unknown. 



These are Twitter accounts are my OFFICIAL backup accounts on twitter. Until I have to use them full time, their purpose will just be updates & promotion of my content.


Instagram: Public



I LOVED IG, but I just can't deal with the constant reporting of my post. So now, my IG consists of rated PG-13/ rated R pics. I tamed this account down A LOT. Here you will get vanilla-ish everyday posts.



My foot account with all things dealing with my size 11/12 feet, shoes & legs. From foot domination to admiring big pretty feet. 

Telegram: Public

Telegram is my PREFERRED messaging app as I use it EVERYDAY. Since Telegram is a secure, end-to-end encryption app, I have a public Telegram Channel where you can stay updated on what I am doing, where I will be, & what’s new with me. On this platform, I am able to speak FREELY & don’t have to worry about being banned or de-platformed. You also have access to ALL my videos & pics. Content that is not allowed on a lot of platforms. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 11.51.00 PM.png

TikTok: Public


TikTok is my newest social platform. This platform will be dedicated to SFW content such as my passion for travel & living life. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 12.01.16 AM.png

SnapChat: Public (OPEN)


This account is for updates on all Things Mistress Unknown, along with some exclusive treats 

Private *CLOSED, but active*



*Currently I'm not adding anyone else to Snapchat, ONLY OnlyFan Subscribers*


I found Snapchat & I love it. With Snapchat I have no filter & I don't censor my snaps. It is strictly used so the exhibitionist in me can flourish. 

Other Official Social Sites





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