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When you come to me it’s more than a session, I give you a piece of my lifestyle….


The Mistress Unknown Goddess Experience is you being immersed in my life as I explore & participate in the BDSM Alternative lifestyle. You are fully immersed in an authentic BDSM/Fetish experience serving a natural Dominant. You get to explore shared interest w/ respect to your HARD limits.  Whether it is discreet private play, any variation of public play or real world outings, you get the exposure of what it is like to ACTUALLY be in servitude.  


I DO NOT do sessions. I am NOT a session Domme. I am not apart of the “Fetish Vending Machine” phenomenon that has gripped this world. You DO NOT put money in, pick a bunch of fetishes & expect me to spit it out. You DO NOT get to dictate what YOU want “just because you are paying me”. If this is what you expect & want, DO NOT EVER IN LIFE CONTACT ME!


I consider myself a Lifestyle Professional, which means that my decision making is based on the progression, enjoyment & contribution to my lifestyle; it is NOT based on finances. This means I have NO PROBLEM TURNING YOU DOWN.

In addition to your application, a $100 mandatory deposit is needed to book my time. *This is NOT negotiable*

Check out Unknown Things for my Used Personal Items: Starting at $30



The Goddess Experience- This is your chance to get the experience you’ve been seeking. The chance to serve a truly natural Dominant who is experienced & enjoys what she is doing. You get implanted into my BDSM world. We get to explore curiosities and expand limits, based on our shared interest & your limits. To see if we share the same interests, go to my blog, Behind The Veil. To fill out my application to serve me, CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


**If you are outside the NYC Tri-state area/ United States & planning to travel to the NYC Tri-state area/ United States & want to serve me, you MUST have CONFIRMED dates BEFORE you contact me.**


Online Domination - Available to those unable to serve me in real time. Not all boys will have the chance to serve me online, as I am picky and busy. Only those that are looking for a deeper & sustaining online dynamic need apply. I take online sessions as serious as I do real-time sessions. You will be screened & there will be preparation for the scheduled session. So put effort into your application. Or you will be ignored.


Online sessions are conducted virtually ONLY on Telegram, WhatsApp or Snapchat & scheduled in advance.



Video Bottom - Video bottoms are used as props & toys for what ever I decide to do on camera, w/in HARD LIMITS. To be considered for a Video Bottom position you must:

  • Have experience in serving/bottoming to a dominant, you do not need video experience

  • Be sincere & respectful & RELIABLE.

  • Be 22 years old & older.

  • Comfortable filming with or without a hood.

  • You MUST provide ID & Sign a model release.

  • Be able to film for 2-4 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a session. This isn't about your desires, its about being useful for the scene.

Finally, you will be required to provide a small affordable tribute for the opportunity. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


Travel Invitation/ FMTY – I have a passport & traveling is my addiction! So traveling to other cities, states and countries to explore BDSM, is something I enjoy experiencing.

If you do not live in the NYC Tri-state area or the US, you can invite me to your city/county. When inviting me to your city, just know that you will be taking care of my travel expenses (transportation/accommodations/etc). Travel expenses IS NOT a tribute; you will need to provide a tribute IN ADDITION to travel expenses. If you are sincere & seriously interested in inviting me to your city for you to serve me, CLICK HERE TO APPLY.



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