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How to unlock VIP snaps


Being on my VIP list is the best way to experience my snapchat. VIPs get access to snaps that I don’t post to my story. Instead, you will get a private snap sent to your messages. All VIP snaps are uncensored & can consist of personal messages, snaps from playtime w/ my personal boys, & some surprises. I also engage with VIPs more, all while utilizing all the features of snapchat.


VIP is FREE & EASY to obtain. 


  1. You must already be added & not a “baby” follower on my snapchat. 

  2. Be on the look out for when I announce that I will be opening spots for new VIP additions. It is usually every 2-3weeks. Announcements are ONLY done on my snapchat story.

  3. Participate in whatever contest or game I'm doing at the time. *They are not easy*

  4. Win & enjoy being at the cool kids table. 


NOTE: If you break any of my Social Media Etiquette Rules, you will automatically be REMOVED from my VIP list & BLOCKED from ALL of my accounts on social media 



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